Monday, March 10, 2014

Heading to America this weekend!

I've just returned from a trip to the bank, and now have a handy little wad of US Dollars in my hands ready for our trip to America THIS WEEKEND. I am beyond excited. Our poor, poor credit card is going to get decimated, but so many wonderful times shall be had.

This will not last long. At all. 
To add to my excitement the Warlords of Draenor Expansion Preorder is now live! Fantastic news to wake up to. If you click the the following link, you'll arrive at a great post by the wonderful Cymre explaining the details.

My Monk will be my free boost to 90, though she is currently level 26 and I will be boosting her once she is 60 to get the bonus professions. What are your thoughts? Boosting a fresh toon, or a veteran character?

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Diablo III Party!

I'm sure you're all aware that Diablo III has now kicked up to 50% bonus XP in the lead up to the next expansion due at the end of this month.

Myself and my good buddies Neri and Disconcur have fired up the Diablo Update and are preparing for a Diablo-filled weekend. We're rolling brand new characters and shall see where the weekend takes us!

I couldn't decide between Witch Doctor and Wizard. They're the two classes I had played the most and enjoyed the most. On a whim (and because she's hot) I decided on a Demon Hunter!

Depending on how many friends we can get to join us, this could even turn into a levelling competition. My record is level 21, so hopefully I can at least pass that!

Are you going to take advantage of the XP buff?

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Achievements Galore!

- Save up 50k Timeless Coins to purchase Yu'lon's Bite (or score an upgrade in LFR) Done! Scored a new neck piece too from the Celestials! 
- Gear my druid up in a full resto set
- Get Enchanting (currently 105/600) and tailoring (currently 186/600) to max by farming all the mats I need on Punchdance.  
- Finally finish What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been this forthcoming year. Fool for Love completed! Though now that means School of Hard Knocks for Children's Week is up next :'( 

Notice me, Senpai! NOTICE ME! 
And as always, I've added more to the list..
- Get my Runetotem Mage to 60 (ready for my free boost to 90!)
- Get my Runetotem Monk to 90
- Become a Guardian of the Cenarius - I easily earned exalted with Cenarion Expecition, now I just need to work on Cenarion Cirlcle! 
Pretty new mount coming my way! 
The questlines were quite fun too! I finally got to meet King Mrgl Mrgl, the animal rights activist Night Elf Druid in a Murloc Costume. He was nice enough to even lend his spare costume for me to quest in! The animations were awesome. 

Such a fitting outfit for my guild! 
After a quick browse through my achievements in progress, I found a couple that were almost done and decided to knock those off too! 

Apparently I really did hate Pandaria when it dropped. There were two heroic dungeons that I hadn't completed on any character! I breezed through those and finished the Pandaria Dungeon Hero
I had only completed 7 of the 9 Pandaria Heroic Dungeons! 
I saw how easy it was to grind the Cenarion rep, and discovered that the Lorewalkers was also very simple at level 90. This one didn't take very long at all with the Tom Tom waypoints. 


Hello to yet another cool mount! 
Loving the mindless follow of Tom Tom, I decided to work on finishing Glorious! too. I had only killed 9 of the 56 rares needed for the achievement, but I was staying positive. I was able to kill over half of them easily as they were there and awaiting their imminent death. A few others I had to camp waiting for them to respawn. The biggest issue I had was the Panda rares! Their spinning kick was quite lethal, and most of the time I couldn't get my pet to most out of the way fast enough. As I was soloing, it meant I needed to use my Voidwalker Tank pet, instead of my Observer DPS pet for survivability. It also meant I lost my only interrupt so the Pandas' self heals were super annoying. I managed to magically somehow kill 3 of the 5 Pandas on the list on my own.  

Ahone the Wanderer was exceptionally painful. I take pleasure in seeing her corpse.
The next morning, the lovely Nish came on her Warlock Teanee and helped me destroy the last of the two pandas!
Another Panda corpse to add to the pile. 

Tada! Again! 
One achievement that's been on my list for a long time is Glory of the Hero. These last two have been on here for years and hopefully soon they will be completed!
It's allllways Oculus.
Are there any new goals that you are working on? Any old achievement that's been on your to-do list for months and you just can't seem to tick it off?

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An awesome WoW-filled week!

My week of unemployment has suited me well! I have found a new job and start hopefully next week, I have received my study enrolment forms and things are really looking up. I can now relax and enjoy my "unemployment" as a mere two week holiday in between jobs, and make the most of my free time by playing Warcraft with my friends and enjoying the great weather in our pool!

After missing the chance to join our last run of ICC, the lovely Caterpillar over at <Is Out of Mana>  organised a second run. And you know I would never say no to a run through my favourite place in all of Azeroth! And boy am I glad that I did! I've never seen this baby drop, let alone be lucky enough to win it!
Punchdance is very proud to wear such a special ribbon!

Of course, I took my standard bunch of screenshots with Arthas. This one sitting on his lap is my favourite because it is the most creepy
Punchy and Uncle Arthas, happy days.

I still had a level 80 Druid (a second Casadella the Resto-kin) in <Is Out of Mana> from long ago, so I decided to dust her off. I had forgotten how nice it was to be in a social guild! She made it to level 84 before the Alt Bug bit me hard. 
Meet Casadella the II

After always hearing about Neri's love for the Pandaren race, I realised I didn't have a single Panda in my entourage!  I also don't have a Mage so I decided it was finally time to level one. Honestly, I haven't loved the Mage class for levelling. I'm sure it will get much better once I hit the level cap, but for now I am pushing through as Frost. It definitely feels weird not focusing on dot uptime and multi-dotting!

I was very happy to discover that a Pandaren Mage is the last class that <Is Out of Mana> needs to earn the Stay Classy - Classy Pandaren achievement. Neri and I had been levelling together, having a blast and now that we have finally caught up to Disconcur's Warlock, we can now smash through some dungeons as a trio. Boyfriend was interested in reactivating his account for about a half a second, and then went back to "Final No-Pants" Fantasy. Sigh. Can't win 'em all! It's been great to level as a cloth wearer too; so many amazing low level greens for transmog!
Mmmmm transmogged Heirlooms!
Whilst in a dungeon, I was lead by a fantastic Monk Tank and with a combination of that awe (as well as a burning desire for instant queue pops) I also rolled a Monk. I made sure to check the Classy Achievements and the guild was still in need of a Dwarf Monk, for which I was happy to choose. It was my first time in the Dwarf starting area which I highly enjoyed. And besides the trolls that can cross your path within Dungeon Finder, I am loving Monk tanking. Who wouldn't enjoy hurling a keg of beer at an enemy?
It's a tough life being level 21.
Today also marked the start of the Love is in the Air World Event. One of the many I need to finally finish What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been. Can't wait to get my Love Fool title this week!
Awwwww! Warlock true love! Boyfriend and Casa
I normally don't like to be all over the place, and more enjoy focusing in on one character and truly having a main. I seem to have thrown that all out the window this week.

How do you prefer to play? Do you have an Alt Addiction? Or do you stay true to your one and only?

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I choose you, Pika- I mean Zhevra!

I was quite happy to log in to this today.

But then for the hard part, deciding which reward to choose for participating in the Recruit a Friend program. I knew I definitely wanted a mount and not a pet. But other than that, the next half an hour was spent on Wowhead comparing the mounts and staring at my screen.

I love this change to the Recruit a Friend program. 

I eventually decided to go ahead with the Zhevra. So cool! I am now 59/100 for the Mountain o' Mounts achievement too!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

I'll never complain about queue times again!

My priest Casarah on Blackrock finally hit 90 today. She was my PVP God in Cata and had barely been touched, so I figured it was her turn to join the big kids. My other level 90s had been working hard to collect Timeless Isle Cloth Gear for her, so I was happy to finally be able to put them to use!


Decked out in almost a full set, I was brave and flew over to the Timeless Isle. And then proceeded to get camped by a rogue. I had forgotten how different it was to play on a PVP server! I know getting smushed by the rival faction is all a part of the game, but boy does it frustrate me now after being spoilt on safe old Saurfang.
Thanks, Captain Obvious.
After getting cranky, I flicked over to Runetotem and logged on to level 80 Casadella. Trying to be a multitasking genius, I planned to do the following. Level and farm herbs and level Alchemy at the same time, both from zero. Fight Pet Battles in each herb farming zone. All whilst being queued for level-appropriate dungeons that I still needed achievements for. Pretty good idea, right? Plenty of fun whilst waiting for the queue to pop! The queue will pop in no time with me having so much other stuff going on, right?



Two hours and 40 minutes later I had only acquired a single DPS. 

Now in fairness, I am queuing on a low population server. And not only am I queuing for a level 80 Wrath dungeon (which you still get XP for, but when you can queue for Cata instances at the same level for far better gear?...) I am queueing for the most widely hated Wrath instance. You know the one. The one where you would see the load screen and you wouldn't even wait for it to finish loading to leave group. You would just ALT+F4 on WoW and walk away.

Remember me? My name is Oculus and I am a jerk!

It was a smart idea in theory, my multi-tasking plan. I just didn't think everything through first.

How do you beat the boredom of waiting in queues?

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Old friends and new friends visit Uncle Arthas

I came across a silly meme yesterday that featured my beloved Arthas Menethil. I realised it had been far too long since I had walked the halls of the Icecrown Citadel and I was ready to once again feel the chilly winds of Icecrown blasting on my beautiful Blood Elf face. 

Now this looks familiar...

After an AOE Facebook taunt, as well as some guild chat and whisper spam, we easily managed to build a raid of old friends and new to smash down the scourge that stood between us and Uncle Arthas. 

I pledge myself to you, Uncle Arthas. Forever. (Still a better love story than Twilight)

We only had an hour before the joint Concur and Frostwolves raid, so we popped the raid onto 25 Man Heroic and powered our way through. We managed to get quite a few of the meta achieves along the way too without really trying!
Must Live! Pop. All. Cooldowns. 

Seeing as though the only raiding I have done this expansion has been LFR, it was a breath of fresh air to raid content I knew with a bunch of wonderful people. I definitely miss raiding with my friends and if I don't pick it back up over the next few weeks, I will definitely start raiding again come Warlords of Draenor.

Nerf Monks!!

It took us just over an hour to do a full clear; I wish we could have dragged it out longer! A huge thanks to old friends and founding Concur members Garakith (who brought Faulen) for tanking, Neri for her solo heals and Hyperpali, Deathicism, Xoxaan (who came along on  Zaeed) and Nishar (Truule) for their epic dps. And thanks to our new friends and current Concur raiders Skee (Firestar), Riptyde (Shugashack), Deathaim and our beautiful Concur GM Mae. It was a great evening!
So many achieves!!

The cherry on top of icing on the cake of this wonderful evening was silly me has always been so focused on achievements that other Guildies needed in the past, I had never obtained the Light of the Dawn title for myself! I gave a girly scream out loud (much to the dismay of Boyfriend sitting next to me) when I realised I scored a new title. 
I think this title suits Casarah perfectly. 

I glance over at Boyfriend, ready to share my excitement, only for my poor eyes to be met with this hot mess. This is definitely NOT the Final Fantasy I grew up with!

Boyfriend obviously has his guilty pleasure, and we all know mine is ICC. What's your gaming guilty pleasure?

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